Obsession II F1 Performance Series®

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Obsession II F1 Performance Series®
Relative Days:
Plant Height:
Ear Height:
Ear Length:
8 - 8 1/2"
Row Count:
Disease Reaction:
Same excellent eating quality of original Obsession with the added benefits of dual modes of above-ground insect protection, corn rootworm protection and tolerance to Roundup® agricultural herbicides.
Performance Series® license required for purchase.  If you have a license please enter the number in the box above.  If you need a license, you may complete the paperwork at:  www.agcelerate.com

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  • 5

    Posted by Dan on Mar 16th 2023

    Excellent variety, easy to grow being roundup ready!

  • 5
    obsession II

    Posted by Carl Fuchs on Jun 3rd 2022

    I’ve been planting this variety for about 10 years and it has never disappoint ed me! Central TX can be wet and soggy or hot and dry !!

  • 5
    Have corn out our ears!!

    Posted by Holly Hollenbeck on Aug 26th 2021

    Despite being a wet, wet year, the corn came in aplenty large, and for the 2nd year now... WITH NO BUGS! Thank goodness!!! People love it, and my young kids have made a killing on the crop this year!

  • 5
    Obsession II

    Posted by Carl Fuchs on Jun 1st 2021

    Family and Friends rave over this variety and it has never let me down ! I have grown this variety for many years and it has performed great in dry and wet years . The weed and pest control is an added bonus! I will continue to plant Obsession II !!

  • 5
    Obsession II

    Posted by Ronnie Strickland on Apr 20th 2021

    This corn was awesome! Tasted great and protection from pests was as advertised. Will buy this product again in the future.

  • 5
    Small Farm Cash Crop

    Posted by Scott Dobbins on Jan 15th 2021

    I planted this variety on advise from my County Extension Agent. I was having issues with ear worms destroying my crop. This variety produced a beautiful and tasty ear of corn. Ear worms were basically none existent. I plan on doubling the amount corn planted this year.

  • 5
    Obsession 2

    Posted by Nathan O on Sep 1st 2020

    Just concluded my first grow of Obsession 2 sweet corn. Customers said it was extremely good, awesome, like manna from heaven, and the best ever corn. It was very, very good. Under ideal conditions of fertilizer and water you can expect great yields and a harvest window of about 10 days. This corn started to come in for me at around day 72. I had no issues with insects, had very good germination and uniformity. I'll be growing it again next year. No need to change.

  • 5
    Obsession II

    Posted by Roland Reid on Mar 22nd 2020

    Excellent variety. One of the best varieties I’ve ever grown. Great taste .

  • 5
    Obession II Preformance Series

    Posted by Scott Dawes on Mar 17th 2019

    I only want to plant the best tasting corn with nice sized ears. Each year I try a new variety but still plant 90% of our favorite. The extra cost of round up ready seed is cheap compared to the labor savings. My 1 acre field is weed free and so easy to pick.