Our History

Welcome to Holmes Seed Company, where our seed legacy spans over 125 years, rooted in a rich history that began in the 1880s. Our story unfolds with Harry L. Holmes Sr., who, after refining his skills at W. Atlee Burpee’s seed company in Philadelphia, planted the seeds of his own venture in 1895 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.




Harry L. Holmes Sr. flourished as a grower and developer, but health challenges in 1914 led to the reluctant closure of operations in Harrisburg. Stepping into the legacy, his son, Harry L. Holmes Jr., transplanted the family seed business to Canton, Ohio.




The commitment to the seed industry persisted through generations. Robert L., Harry Holmes’ son, joined during his school years. After graduating from Miami University and serving in World War II, Robert devoted himself full-time. In 1982, after Harry L. Holmes Sr.'s passing, the company transitioned to new ownership under Sherry Nofer. Despite the change, Mr. Holmes remained a consultant, generously contributing his knowledge until his retirement.




As Holmes Seed Company continues through its second century, our dedication to core values remains unwavering:


-         Delivering high-quality seeds at competitive prices.

-         Offering a diverse range of products to meet the evolving needs of every grower.

-         Providing exceptional customer service, surpassing expectations.

-         Cultivating lasting relationships with all our customers.




Holmes Seed Company transcends being merely a business; it is a legacy of families. Sherry Nofer propelled the company forward with the support of the world's best customers. Today, three generations of the Nofer family work at Holmes Seed Company, embodying our commitment to serving growers for generations.




As we continue to progress through another century of business, our aim is to continually grow by serving all growers. We pledge to exceed your expectations by providing the best seeds and services possible. Thank you for being part of our enduring journey.